Friday, April 2, 2010

British Actor Voices Concern Over Lack of Western Democratic Accountablity

British Actor Evan McGregor voices concern over the lack of accountablity for Western politicians. The actor referred specifically to Blair and Bush for their roles in the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and occupations, whereby thousands of innocent people have suffered.

McGregor's point appears to be that politicians are not above the law, and yet as in the case of Blair and Bush they are. Moreover, McGregor apparently alludes that the ballot box is not a sufficient form of accountability for politicians who wage illegal wars and lie/deceive to the people.

Obama has continued in Bush's footsteps, with a noted escalation of the Afghanistan war and continued occupancy of Iraq. Ironically, Obama was awarded the 2009 noble peace prize, and in an Orwellian twist, he used the award cermony to justify war.

British Actor Speaks Out

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