Thursday, April 29, 2010

Disunity Plagues Sudan

The application of democracy, and even the first multi-party Sudan election in twenty-four years, failed to unite the country.

The 2010 Sudan election resulted in the re-election of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir admist withdrawal of some opposition parties from the election and claims widespread election fraud.

The reality is that democracy like any other system is dependent on those who implement the system and participate in the system. So democracy itself is not entirely at fault for the disunity in Sudan. Yet at the same time, democracy itself has failed to be a realiable political system, being susceptible to non-participation and fraud.

The upcoming referendum on the independence of southern Sudan in 2011, as promised by al-Bashir, will likely continue the process of disunity by dividing Sudan into two distinct economic and political entities.

Video of Aftermath of Sudan Election

View on the Upcoming Sudan Referendum

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