Wednesday, April 21, 2010

French President Weakens Freedom of Expression

French President Nicolas Sarkozy support for a veil ban in French public spaces, infringes on the freedom of expression of French citizens. It is not the French government's right or place to tell French citizens what to wear and/or how to cloth themselves.

President Sarkovy argues that the Muslim veil hurts the dignity of women, and is a symbol of society closing in on itself and rejection of French values.

What President Sarkovy did not say is that veil ban infringes on freedom of expression and religious belief. And ironically, Sarkovy's rigid standpoint is counter to French liberty constitutional values, and hurts the dignity of its citizens (to deny them the right to make their own choices without undue influence).

Instead of banning the veil in French public spaces, the French government could create a law in which no person should be forced to wear a veil, and no person shall force another person to wear a veil, and the French government could fund public education about the veil and its link to the suppression of women.

French Veil Ban

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