Monday, April 12, 2010

More Chaos in Afghanistan

Today American soldiers open fired on a bus of Afghans in the Zhari district of Kandahar province before killing four civilians and injuring 18. A protest by Afghans followed with "death to America" chants. Meanwhile the Taliban attacked an Afghan intelligence services compound in Kandahar.

US President and 2009 Noble Peace Prize winner, Obama's military escalation in Afghanistan appears to be a failed policy, which is only bringing more suffering to the Afghan people and costing the American taxpayers' billions. And there is no end in sight, unless the American forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

In recent article by the Taliban, they are asking for:

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has put forward its objective before the entire world in unambiguous words, i.e. that we want:

1. Complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

2. Liberation of the country.

3. Establishment of an Islamic system in the country based on the aspirations of the people.

4. Rehabilitation, development and prosperity of the people.

5. Participation of all pious and talented Mujahid Afghans in the government from all racial groups.

Members of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have decided to achieve these goals- be them through peaceful means or through jihadic options."

The Taliban say that the Americans are in Afghanistan for geo-political strategic reasons and are colonial aspirations on Afghanistan.

In the backdrop, Karzai and the Northern Alliance, dependent on the US government, are in control of the Afghan government. There is no democracy in Afghanistan; there is only a foreign implanted structure of democracy.

For a people's democracy to advance in Afghanistan, the foreign occupation must end. Moreover, there is no necessity that Afghanistan be democratic. It is up to the people of Afghanistan. If they want, for instance, Sharia Law, then that is their right.

A people's democracy is not about foreign imposition or coercion of the people. It is about government of, by, for the people.

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