Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quebecors Show Intolerance and Hyprocrisy

The proposed ban of the niqab in Quebec, Canada for anyone who wants to receive public services, is nothing short of hyprocrisy.

French Canadian Quebecors are the first to cry about threats to their culture, and yet they are the first to deny other minorities their culture. It is pathetic, and a sad extension of the pandering English speaking Canada does to French speaking Canada, for the sole purpose of keeping Canada united.

Freedom of expression and religious belief, basic tenants of a people's democracy, would be impacted if the Quebec ban on the niqab becomes Quebec law.

Why should taxpaying Quebecors have to succumb to specific culture requirement in order to receive public services? Why is it necessary for a student's face be fully seen in schools or other public places? What harm does a person wearing a niqab do to anyone else?

Video of Division over Niqab Debate

Beliguim Committte Discriminates

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