Thursday, August 19, 2010

David Harvey Says Capitalism Unviable

As the FDA did, David Harvey makes the case that the perpetual growth of capitalism is unviable, because there are limits to growth in the long-term. Also, there are significant environmental, political, and social costs from a growth based economic model. Harvey proposes a zero growth economic model.

His views on democracy lack the rigor of his economic analysis, whereby he says people just need to vote for parties which represent for example a zero growth plan. Just voting is easier said than done when the western political system is dominated by a political hierarchy, in which alternative parties are sidelined in the mainstream media.

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  1. Democracy is an illusion.
    We live in a society where politicians are pre-defined away from the eyes of the public and then when you do get to choose, it's between 2 or 3 highly rooted people.

    When did you last vote to send a shuttle into space or go to war?

    Government policy is dictated by the highly wealthy family run businesses. Selling diminishing resources, going to war, and putting humans second has always reaped the biggest profits.

    There is no such thing as 'ethical capitalism'. The federal reserve and the monetary system is, as David Harvey points out, meant to stagger along from one disaster to another.

    1% of the worlds population holds 40% of the world wealth and as time goes by the wealth gap is going to get bigger and bigger.
    Unless people are educated that they are essentially working, paying and living to fund this 1%, we are as good as lost.


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