Monday, August 2, 2010

Obama's Afghan PR is Mind-boggling

Speaking on a Sunday morning television programme, Obama defended the war-effort, saying that the US was not trying to turn Afghanistan into a western-style democracy.

"What we're looking to do is difficult, very difficult, but it's a fairly modest goal, which is, don't allow terrorists to operate from this region," he said.

"That can be accomplished," he added. "We can stabilise Afghanistan sufficiently and we can get enough co-operation from Pakistan that we are not magnifying the threat against the homeland."

So the US government has spent nine years occupying Afghanistan and billions of dollars, and lost hundreds of American lives, during which it installed and supports an Afghan western style democracy, and the US government's only goal is to not allow so-called terrorists from operating in the Afghanistan region?

If the US government's goal is "fairly modest" as Obama says, then why after nine years is the American government facing defeat in Afghanistan and the US military is still in there? Why did the US need to occupy Afghanistan in the first instance? Combating so-called terrorism calls for occupation of a country?

The Taliban have declared publicly that they have no international aspirations, and that they would not allow their country to be used for attacks against the US. Moreover, the Taliban demand the following:

1. Complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
2. Liberation of the country.
3. Establishment of an Islamic system in the country based on the aspirations of the people.
4. Rehabilitation, development and prosperity of the people.
5. Participation of all pious and talented Mujahid Afghans in the government from all racial groups.

Somethings don't make sense.

Could it be that the US government by occupying Afghanistan has only fueled hatred of the American government, and thereby the potential for more attacks on America, such as the recent Time Square attempted bombing and attempted bombing of a US airplane?

Could it be that the US government is in Afghanistan for other reasons, which Obama is unwilling to say, such as geo-strategic and geo-political reasons?

Why hasn't the US government looked at the root causes of so-called terrorism, and focused on those causes?

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