Thursday, February 3, 2011

US Establishment Hypocrisy or not?

The US establishment preaches democracy and freedom of expression, while at the same pursuing its strategic interests which often times in conflict with its emphasis on democracy and freedom of expression.

Case in point. US governments for over three decades have supported Egyptian President Mubarak, despite him being a dictator and brutal on his people via the Egyptian police.

Can the US establishment espouse/have values of democracy and freedom of expression, while at the same time ignore them and even contradict when they are inconsistent with its strategic interests?

Should strategic interests, which are not life threatening, overcede one's core values? Should someone purse an adulterous relationship when it is convenient and stragetic, while professing values of commitment and loyalty?

We must conclude that the US establishment core value is self-interest, while democracy and freedom of expression is secondary or a means to an end.

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