Friday, November 18, 2011

Jordan Receives 0 percent Score for Electoral Fairness

Executive Summary:

Jordan received an overall score of 0 percent for electoral fairness. The score means that Jordan's electoral system is completely unfair. FDA auditors could find no overall, free standing element of fairness in Jordan's electoral system. In the FDA's opinion, three key things define Jordan's electoral system: the Jordanian king is above Jordanian law; the kingdom restricts freedom of expression; and there is no public transparency of electoral finances. These elements, and others, cancel out all elements of electoral fairness in the Jordanian electoral system such as the guaranteed parliamentary seats for women, religions, and tribal minority, and caps on individual donations to political parties. Consequently, the Jordanian electoral system is undemocratic and part of the authoritarian control of Jordan by the king and his royal family. Progressive reform of the Jordanian electoral system must start with constitutional reform in which the king ceases to be above Jordanian law, the Jordanian Senate seats are determined by election rather than appointment by the king, and the king ceases to have the constitutional right to dissolve the Senate and Council of Deputies, postpone elections, and appoint cabinet ministers.

2011 FDA Global Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Jordan

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