Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 FDA Audit Results on the Alberta Provincial Electoral System

On Tuesday February 7th, a five person FDA electoral audit team audited the Alberta Provincial Electoral System. The team applied research of the Alberta system to FDA matrices. These were the main results:

Electoral Finance  54.86 percent

Political content of Media  45 percent

Candidate and Party Influence  51 percent

Voter Influence  65.3 percent

Overall Score  54 percent

(The maximum score attainable for each section and overall is 100 percent (complete electoral fairness); the minimum score attainable is 0 percent (complete electoral unfairness).

The overall score means that 46 percent of the Alberta provincial electoral system is unfair. The FDA audit team factored 52 independent variables into the audit, and 127 non-independent variables. The FDA scoring is based on qualitative analysis of relevant research based on comparative soundness of facts and the application fundamental democratic principles such as one person, one vote, and the will of the people. The qualitative analysis is then converted into a quantitative component through the FDA matrices. 

The FDA Electoral Fairness Audit Report on the Alberta's Provincial Electoral System will be published shortly.

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