Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anderson from the Wildrose Cheap Words about Democracy?

In this video of the Alberta legislature on December 2, 2010, MLA Rob Anderson talks about the apparent demise of Alberta's democracy through fear, intimidation, smear campaigns, censorship by the PC party against all the other parties.

In the 2008, the Wildrose's democracy platform consisted of the following:

A Wildrose Alliance Government will institute fixed election dates for all elected officials in Alberta. MLAs will be elected to a four (4) year term. The Legislative Assembly will be able to call a vote of non-confidence at any time. A Wildrose Alliance Government will institute a Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform to assess all possible models for electing MLAs, including preferential ballots, proportional representation and our current electoral system. If the assembly recommends changes to the current electoral system the proposed changes will be put to a provincewide referendum.
A Wildrose Alliance Government will set the maximum number of terms that a Premier can serve to two consecutive four-year terms.
(Source: FDA's Full Evaluation and Ranking Document of the Nine Alberta Political Parties in the 2008 Alberta General Election)

The Wildrose Party, a more right wing party than the PC party, had no democracy reform policies on electoral finances, media laws, and who actually creates the electoral laws. In the opinion of the FDA, these three areas of reform are the most significant. In Alberta as is the case with Canada at the federal level, the majority of elected officials create the electoral laws of their own electoral game. The upcoming FDA audit report on the Alberta provincial electoral system will have concrete recommendations on advancing democratically Alberta's electoral structure/process.


2008 FDA Report on the Nine Alberta Political Parties

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