Monday, February 6, 2012

Big US politicians and corporations stomp on the little people?

Ed Schultz exposes the power of big money in trampling the little people. Also, the Republican plan on closing the US Postal Service apparently has an ulterior motive of suppressing voting in states' like Oregon in which voting is based on mail voting.

The FDA recent "Money and Democracy" discusses the power in money in democracy.

The Conservative government in Canada, in line with the US republicans, has attacked the Canadian Post Office in the same fashion, and recently sided with the Corporation over the workers in a contract dispute by forcing end to negotiations and making the guidelines of the arbitrator in favor of the Corporation, and funding reports which recommend that the letter carrier, a main human component of the post office, has to go. Presently, the Canada Post is in the process of a major technology transition, in which sorting machines will replace many CPC workers.

FDA Podcast on Money and Democracy

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