Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conservative Party of Canada and Harper Mask Attempted Erosion of Canadian Civil Liberties

The Conservative Party of Canada and Harper have tabled a bill, C-30, in the House of Commons which would allow enforcement authorities free access to Canadians' personal electronic information such as emails, twitter accounts, facebook pages, cell phone records etc., The Conservatives and Harper justify this partly on the need to protect Canadian families from child porn. The FDA finds their reasoning manipulative and shallow, because it disregards the value of lawful search warrants. In a historical political context, taking a moral position to justify some form of aggression or assault on fundamental rights has been common place. For example, Hitler used a similar moral argument against Poland prior to World War II, claiming that Germany has to act against Poland, because Polish Germans were being discriminated against, harmed, and even killed. In contrast, the Conservatives and Harper use child porn as a justification to attack/erode Canadian civil liberties. The danger of the Conservatives and Harper approach is that authorities can abuse the free access to target and silence political adversaries and citizens based on ideological grounds. The Conservatives and Harper's bill is in the courts to determine if it violates Section 8 of the Canadian Charter which is against unlawful search and seizure. 

Whenever discussing the Conservative Party of Canada and Harper, it is important to remember that in the 2011 Canadian federal election, the Conservative Party received 39.6% of voter support and 24.3% of overall voter support (including non-voters), and yet they received 54% majority in the Canadian Parliament. The majority of Canadian MPs write the Canadian elections laws. These laws are a creation of the Liberal Party of Canada and Conservative Party of Canada over the last several decades.

The FDA is working hard to change in Canada and around the world who creates election laws. The FDA believes that elected officials should not write the election laws of their own election game (due to the obvious conflict of interest and strong evidence of self-serving agendas). Rather, an elected, non-partisan, independent citizen bodies should create the election laws. Also, the FDA is opposed to corporations participation in democratic processes, whether through campaign contributions or third-party spending. The FDA believes that democracy is only about the people (one vote, one person, will of the people), and that corporations have no place being involved in democratic processes.  

Conservatives and Harper Threaten Canadian Civil Liberties  

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