Sunday, February 12, 2012

Corporations run Alberta and for their Benefit?

Could Alberta be one of the biggest democracy fraud's in the world? Is Alberta's corporate governance structure a model for the Conservative Party of Canada and Harper at the federal level of Canada?

In this video, Alberta author Taft shows the disconnect between wealthy corporations operating in Alberta and the people of Alberta, in terms of wealth derived primarily from the Alberta tar sands. (Please note the video is self-promotional by the author of the book he had written; the FDA were unable to delete that from the video.)

In the upcoming FDA report on the Alberta electoral system, the FDA will show, among other things, the systematic infiltration of Alberta democracy by corporate interests and how the structure of the Alberta government allows for easy manipulation of the Alberta government by money interests through the Alberta cabinet which has dictatorial powers over the Alberta legislature.

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  1. Finnish government to ban our organization? Helsinki district court was ready to ban our organization! An official had told this threat to our chairman in a meeting in the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

    A government's threat to ban a peaceful organization (because of its opinions) violates the principles of democracy.

    Ethnic cleansing in Western Uusimaa in May 1918 and Forssa region. Some 200 Finnish civilians, men and women, were executed by the Swedish battalion in Western Uusimaa. The Swedes executed at least 460 Finns in the spring 1918.

    TV and newspapers broadcast disinformation about history and all political issues. Censorship in the mainstream media makes Sweden, Finland and Norway a kind of dictatorship countries, ruled by the political and economic elite.

    In the Scandinavian countries the political and economic elite controls the media.


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