Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The PC Party's Changes to the Alberta Election Law are Cosmetic

Just prior to the likely announcement of the 2012 Alberta elections, the Alberta PC Party has announced proposed changes to Alberta election law. (The FDA believes the timing of this release may be an attempt by the PC Party to build its credibility just prior to the election.)

The proposed changes are as follows:
  • Changing the way enumerators are appointed so that constituency associations and political parties are no longer involved.
  • Broadening the investigative powers of the chief electoral officer.
  • Opening advance polls to anyone who wishes to vote early.
  • Giving Albertans who are prisoners the right to vote.
  • Improving third-party advertising legislation.
  • Requiring campaign deficits to be paid off, with reports sent to the chief electoral officer.
  • Increasing safeguards for the list of electors.
  • Updating the types of information voters present at polling stations.
The FDA finds the changes are cosmetic, when compared to significant deficiencies in the election system, such as high caps on donations and third party spending, no regulation of the political content of media, no media ownership concentration laws, no exclusion of corporations and unions from electoral finance, premier and cabinet dominance of the Alberta legislature, no proportional representation etc.

On February 28th, the FDA will be publishing its report on the Alberta electoral system. Please compare the changes the Alberta PC Party is proposing, and what the FDA recommends.

PC Parties Proposed Changes to Election Law

FDA Media Advisory on the Alberta Electoral System 


  1. This comment is not on the above blog post, but rather regarding the audit results listing on the right hand side.

    I am wondering how it is that the Alberta Party has received a ranking for the 2008 Provincial Election Audit when they just celebrated their second anniversary in 2012? They didn't exist in 2008.

    1. Based on our information, in the 2008 Alberta general election there was an Alberta Party which was led by Mr. Brian Stubbs.

      As stated on the Wikipedia page for the 2008 Alberta general election, the Alberta Party had one candidate and received 42 votes.,_2008


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