Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Burma (Myanmar) Democracy Reform and April 1st By-Elections

In this FDA podcast, Mr. Stephen Garvey FDA founder and executive director interviews two Burmese political refugees on democracy reform in Burma and the upcoming Burmese April 1st by-elections. The Burmese political refugees are Mr. Nang Suan (Zosuan) who participated in the 1988 Burmese student uprisings and who fled to India, and is a member of the Zomi National Congress, and Mr. Ghin Shoute who fled Burma in 1998, worked for the UN High Commission for (Burmese) Refugees in New Dehli, and who is a member of the Zomi International Network. The podcast focuses on the upcoming April 1st by-elections and the prospects for real democracy reform in Burma. Mr. Suan and Mr. Shoute shed light on the circumstances surrounding noble prize winner Suu Kyi and the challenges facing Burmese democracy. The views in this podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the FDA. For non-mainstream, insightful, and provocative discussion from people working in the field of international politics, listen in or download.

Burma Democracy Reform

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