Sunday, March 18, 2012

Empty side of US politics?

In this video, Mitt Romney's soundbites are showcased. Does anyone really care about how much money Mitt Romney makes? As long as it is done legally, does it really matter? What does matter? Are Americans deprived of reasonable electoral choice at the federal level?


  1. Something may be done legally, but not ethically. That is what matters to me. It is perfectly legal to swoop in on struggling industries and take out everything of value, only to leave the bones for the former employees. (Think VULTURE capitalism). But it is not ethical, especially for a candidate who claims that he knows how to create jobs for everyone, and that he wants "everyone to be rich".

    Romney needs to be run out of town, plain and simple. He reminds me of a traveling snake-oil salesman from an episode of "Little House on the Prairie".

  2. Savage capitalism: exploit the weak and sick, and even undermine the strong...


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