Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harper and Conservative Party Double Speak Reaches New Levels

In the amidst of the robo-call scandal including accusations that Elections Canada has been working in a partisan relationship with the federal Conservatives, the Harper government gives honorary citizenship to Aung San Suu Kyi for her help with democracy reforms in Burma. The Canadian government uses Canadian tax dollars to support democracy in places like Burma, and since 1988 it has imposed economic and military sanctions on Burma. No doubt Suu Kyi is well-deserving of her honorary citizenship. But from the Conservative Party of Canada while it is being investigated for election fraud? Also, the Harper government says it is watching Burma closely for election fraud in the upcoming April 1st by-elections. How reliable is the Canadian federal government as an observer of election fraud? Another irony about Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada is that they turn a blind eye to democracy reformists in Canada and make it extremely tough on Canadian democracy organizations in attaining charity status for example. Added to this, as measured in the 2011 FDA electoral fairness report on Canada, Canadian federal democracy received a failing score of 25.75 percent for severe deficiencies in electoral finance, political content of major media, which in turn impacts voter, candidate, and party influence. The Canadian government and Elections Canada has made zero comment on these findings, and the major media in Canada has ignored the findings. These are the main findings:
      1. Canada scored lower in electoral spending than the Tunisian dictatorship under Ben Ali
      2. Canada scored only 23 per cent for equality of political content from the media
      3. Study shows that freedom of expression is restricted by finance laws that favour dominant parties
      4. Study shows that there is severe inequality in the media and favoring of parties that were previously successful
      5. Canada's only passing grade of 60 per cent is in equality of voter say
      FDA Advisory on Canada's Federal Democracy

      2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Canada

      Conservative Party Robo-call Scandal

      Harper Government Hides Behind Aung Kyi


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