Sunday, March 25, 2012

Proposed US Competitive Election Act for Congress a joke?

In this video and summary statement, the proposed US Competitive Election Act by Congressman Rob Woodall is outlined. The Act proposes that each election cycle candidates for Congress start with zero funds, with no carry over from the previous election cycle. In addition, self-contributions which exceed $100,000 are publicly disclosed within a 24 hour period. Also, each time expenditures exceed $50,000 during the election period, they must be disclosed, and any subsequent expenditures must be disclosed within a 24 hour period. The intent of this legislation is limit electoral influence of wealthy candidates and create timely financial transparency.

The proposal does not include an expenditure limit on self-contributions. The proposal does not include a limit on contributions to candidates, or third party expenditures. The proposal does not include public subsidy measures to help ensure a reasonably equal playing field. The proposal does not include a campaign expenditure limit.  

Is this proposal a joke? Is Woodall an indication of the incompetence of elected officials who propose and write US legislation? Or is Woodall working within a very restrictive environment? Why name the legislation "competitive"?

Propose US Competitive Election Act

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