Friday, March 2, 2012

Robo-call Scandal Surpasses 31,000 Complaints of Electoral Abuse and Corruption

In a recent article, the robo-call scandal surpasses 31,000 complaints, in which voters are harassed or given misleading information.

The self-serving nature of the large Canadian federal political parties is well-documented. Yet the system through the same self-serving parties, allow the winning party (through the first-past-the-post system) to write the laws of their own election game. As stated in the 2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Canada, the federal electoral system needs a significant overhaul which puts Canadians as a whole first, rather than large, established political parties. The catch is that presently, these large parties decide what reform is needed. It is an endless loop of self-serving agenda.

Can a federal party emerge which will shake up the flawed federal system, and give the people of Canada a choice of true change?

Robo-call scandal expands

2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Canada

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