Friday, March 16, 2012

Sherman and McDonald Expose Linkage between PC Party and Significant Money Interests

In this article by Kelly Cryderman, Liberal MLAs Sherman and McDonald question the PC government on high donations in the recent PC leadership candidate race. One company donated $100,000 to three of the candidates, the Southern Family donated $128,000 to various candidates, and candidate Horner received a donation of $35,000, for examples, in violation of the PC Party's rules on leadership donations. (The PC Party cap on donations is set at $30,000.)

The important issue at stake here is that the PC Party is not adhering to its own leadership contest rules. Does that mean it is not adhering to the provincial rules as well? And doesn't significant donations compromise the ability of politicians to make decisions in the best interests of all Albertans?

In the 2012 FDA Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Alberta, the FDA measured severe unfairness in the area of electoral finance. The FDA auditors measured the $30,000 cap on contributions to political parties as high, in which only 23.6% of Albertans can afford, not including corporations and unions. In addition, there is no campaign expenditure limit, which contributes to an unequal playing field for candidates and parties.

The FDA is conducting an electoral finance audit of all 10 provinces. The FDA report which will include a ranking of the 10 provinces, will be released on March 30th.

PC Party and Money Interests

Financial statements of the PC Party's leadership candidates

2012 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Alberta

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