Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dark Side of American, Canadian, Western (Un)Democratic Processes

This important documentary by Josh Fox focuses on the gas boom in the United States from 2005 onward, in which public health and environmental protection are overshadowed by mega profits in the oil and gas sectors including by the Canadian oil and gas company Encana Corporation. The documentary exposes US federal environmental legislation altered for the benefit of the oil and gas sector, silencing of the US Environmental Protection Agency and its scientists, censorship by major media, and an uninformed public. (Interestingly, there are online rebuffs of this documentary, similar to the rebuffs of global warming by scientists paid by the oil and gas sector.) This documentary is only one example of the failings of western democracies, in which minority interests supersede the interests of people as a whole. In connecting the dots after watching this documentary, the FDA asks viewers, for example, to consider the following recent posts about so-called Canadian democracy.

Similar to what is documented in "Gasland," Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada (federal level of government) have been muzzling Canadian scientists about the global warming phenomenon:

Nature Journal Criticizes Canadian Censorship

The true nature of Canadian federal democracy is anything but democratic (and this is without even considering the role of lobbyists):

Core of the Canadian Political System

Here we see Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada spinning themselves as promoters of democracy while being investigated for the robo-call scandal involving over 31,000 electoral complaints:

Double Speak

These are only some dots.... 

Federal Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation Around Corner?


  1. I wish I had more of an engineering background; it would help in evaluating what is said in the documentary. Some toxicology knowledge would help as well.

    But in the end, I know that money talks. Since the US is desperate for energy (and jobs) it doesn’t surprise me that even public safety is being sacrificed.

    1. I am not an expert. But the basic process is as follows: drilling which causes fractures below the surface and toxic chemicals used in various ways to ultimately extract the gas... fractures in the underground connect toxic chemicals with the water table which supply drinking water, and gas seeps up through the fractures and water table as well, hence the burning water phenomenon.


Thank you for sharing your perspective.