Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Alberta Election Games?

The recent movie, The Hunger Games, refers to the theme of social control through fear and a glimmer of hope. Viz., one individual out of the 24 participants is guaranteed survival from the hunger games. Interestingly, through public protest about the games, this formula was changed to include two individuals from the same district, which resulted in the demise of the person who made the decision. The idea behind fear with small amount of hope is captured in a quote from the movie: "Hope. It's the only thing stronger than fear."

Does the Alberta electoral system work along with the same premises: by creating a glimmer of hope (of electoral success) in smaller and new political parties and segments of society, while the electoral system is profoundly stacked against the small and new parties, in favor of establishment parties which represent the dominant minority interests? (The same argument may apply to the Canadian federal electoral system as well.)

Political parties which conform to the controlling minority interests then become part of the establishment, which in turns further creates a facade of democracy through electoral competition. Entry into the political establishment means greater access to funds, political coverage, and favorable laws and regulations. It may be argued that the Wildrose Alliance became firmly part of the establishment in 2011 as evidenced by the surge in 2011 corporate contributions to the Wildrose Alliance, in which the party raised 2.7 million. Big money and Alberta politics

As the FDA established in its Alberta Report, the Alberta electoral system is bordering on a failed state in terms of electoral fairness, and the electoral finance aspect is in the failed zone by favoring minority and special interests over the interests of the people. (Links to the reports are below.)

Shortly, the FDA will produce reports showing factually gross disparities in the electoral finances and media coverage of the nine registered Alberta political parties.

What can be done?

Albertans need to be informed, and be given viable choice for change (rather than rhetorical change), and have an Alberta revolution if their fundamental democratic rights are denied systematically....

2012 FDA Canadian Provinces Electoral Finance Study

2012 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Alberta

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