Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garvey Goes Head-to-Head with Breakenridge

In this radio interview on the Rob Breakenridge Show on QR770 (based out of Calgary), Stephen Garvey FDA Executive Director goes head-to-head with Rob Breakenridge in regard to the FDA's Media Report on the 2012 Alberta Election. This discussion is heated and touches on a number of important issues.

To listen to the interview, click on the link below for the QR770 audio vault, and then go to May 22nd at 9 p.m. The interview begins around 9:09 p.m.

QR770 Audit Vault

FDA Media Study on the 2012 Alberta Election

2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Venezuela

2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Bolivia

Carter Institute Election Report on the 2007 Venezuelan Referendum

Bolivia Recognized for Excellence in Human Development Policies

Freedom House which Mr. Breakenridge references in the interview, calls itself independent; yet in 2007 for example, Freedom House received 70% of its funds from US government sources such as the USAID and the US State Department:

Information on Freedom House 


  1. Note progressive and positive change is an up-hill battle with simple and narrow minded people such as Breakenridge who can only see things from his narrow perspective. It is quite obvious that his adgenda prior to the interview was to slam FDA by mentioning other countries and going off topic to justified his own existence and views.

    Well done FDA. Keep up the good work.

    Concerned Canadian.

    Question: Do we want our media and government to represent the 1% or the 99%

  2. In fairness to Breakenridge, he did have the FDA on his show.

    He is entitled to his perspective.

    However, it is clear that he had Bolivia and Venezuela up his sleeze, and researched and read from Freedom House findings on these countries.

    To Breakenridge's discredit his information source of Bolivia and Venezuela is suspect. Freedom House is funded by the US State Department, and recently has been involved in covert actions in Iran. In addition, Freedom House's research methodology is limited to guaging freedom in countries, and overlooks and/or ignores importance and value of fairness and equality. Breakenridge takes a similar stand by trumpeting freedom as the sole basis for democracy. As stated in the interview, freedom alone leads to the rule of the rich and powerful or a plutocracy. This is not democracy.


Thank you for sharing your perspective.