Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evidence that the American Federal Electoral System Borders a Failed State

American voters in the act of voting
2012 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on the United States

Executive Summary :

The American federal electoral system borders a failed state as determined by the overall unsatisfactory audit score of 54.5 percent (out of a reasonably attainable score of 100 percent).  The FDA auditors measured two failing scores for legislation pertaining to electoral finance (48.25 percent) and media political content (42.5 percent). In addition, the FDA auditors measured one unacceptable score for legislation pertaining to candidates and parties (57 percent), and a satisfactory score for legislation pertaining to voters (70.25 percent). The FDA auditors factored in 52 independent variables and used matrices and financial spreadsheets in its calculations and determinations. Based on its measurements, the FDA believes that the American federal election outcomes may not reflect the voice of Americans from electoral districts. The significant legislated unfair competition between American candidates and parties coupled with electoral finance legislation favoring wealthy money interests and media legislation favoring large corporate media and imbalanced election coverage creates a system tilted heavily to special and minority interests, rather than the American people. The FDA believes that reforms are necessary in electoral finance and election coverage in order to help realign the American federal electoral process with Americans as a whole. The FDA recommends, for examples, expenditure limits on congressional candidates and privately funded presidential candidates, caps on independent third-party expenditure, caps on media ownership concentration, and a voluntary media code of conduct during the 60 day campaign period which supports impartial and balanced campaign coverage of all registered candidates and parties.

Downloadable 2012 FDA Report on the United States

2012 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on the United States

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