Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rick Mercer Weighs in on $16 million in New Ads for EAP

Canadian comedian, Rick Mercer, talks about the Canadian Conservative government's 16 million in tax dollars (in the first quarter of 2012) for the Economic Action Plan agency, which he says is an  obsolete agency. The agency was created in 2009 by the Conservative government to help stimulate the Canadian economy in response to the global recession. Now late 2012, the Economic Action Plan agency still exists and is still funding, via Canadian tax dollars, national televised ads which have been criticized for partisanship.


  1. Many regions in Canada are in a depression/recession state, Ontario and Quebec in particular. And since so much of the Canadian population resides there, I would not be too quick to call the EAP "obsolete".

    1. Rick Mercer referred to the EAP as obsolete in the sense that the EAP was create in 2009 as part of the government stimulus in light of the global recessionary conditions. The government stimulus has run its course, and yet the EAP keeps spending tax dollars on ads.

      The FDA takes issues with the partisan approach of the EAP which is clearly illustrated in its ads. This deficiency is likely linked to Canada's economic troubles from narrow and partisan views of the economy, instead of broad, bipartisan views of the economy.


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