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Vice-Presidential Debate Lacks Substance (Any Other Candidates?)

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden
Ideologies clashed in last night’s Vice-Presidential debates, as both Vice-President Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan came ready to battle it out. Though much attention has been given to the sly remarks, the chuckles and the snap responses, policy clarification was sadly disregarded. Of the most frustrating moments in this debate was when Martha Raddatz pressed Ryan for a detailed outline of Romney’s pledge to reduce the unemployment rate. Congressman Ryan’s response was anything but specific, rather he appealed to his audience with a lengthy story about Candidate Romney’s humility and charity. Here is a little excerpt of Ryan’s remark’s:

“Their kids were hit in a car crash, four of them -- two of them, Rob and Reid, were paralyzed. The Romneys didn’t know them…Later on he said, I know you’re struggling, Mark. Don’t worry about their college; I’ll pay for it. When Mark told me this story -- because you know what, Mitt Romney doesn’t tell these stories.”

Though, repairing Mitt Romney’s image is much needed the convoluted stance on policy and his initiatives will only strengthen Romney’s image as a candidate who flip-flops on major issues.

In comparison, a disillusioned Vice President Biden advertised a heroic President Obama, a leader who, in Biden’s worlds “does not bluff”. However, ownership of relatively unimproved economy was never actualized by Biden. Rather, Biden continued to lame the “inheritance” of a bad economy. Congressman Ryan was quick to point to the lack of progressive reforms made under the “one-party control”. With this statement, Ryan is referencing the inability of democrats among themselves to decide on an effective means to improve the economy, as they had at one time held majority in both houses. Yet, when Ms. Raddatz asked how the candidates in question could reduce the unemployment rate to 6% both responded with very little specifics.

While Biden is quick to criticize the Bush administration on their spending practices, he neglects to account for the financial strains of Obamacare. According to Paul Ryan, the Obama administration will be spending money it does not have, trying to stretch the same dollar twice, once on Medicare and again on Obamacare. Though the use of projected numbers can be skewed to benefit both sides, Ryan placed a projected figure of $3,200 benefits lose under the proposed medicare package. When confronted with the numbers, Biden’s only response was “That didn’t happen”.

Biden, once again weakened the argument for Obama’s health care advancements when the controversial topic of contraceptive arose. Biden, bluntly regards the beginning of life at conception, his devotion of Christianity has secured this belief within him. To appropriately align himself with his administration, Biden reasons that no one should deny any woman the choices regarding her body. This in all sense of the word is a very circular method of reasoning. Appropriately, Ryan makes a close note of Biden’s circular reasoning, exemplified in this statement:

“…[I]f you believe that life begins at conception, that therefore doesn’t change the definition of life. That’s a principle. The policy of a Romney administration is to oppose abortion…”

Turning now to foreign policy, Iran was of the most exhausted topics, as a new security threat to America. Biden took on this issue by emphasizing the successes of the sanctions organized by the Obama administration and the UN. Biden referenced the reduced currency rate and decline in oil exports as proof a successful campaign to weaken Iran. However, Representative Ryan was less amused by the idea.

The sanctions, according to Ryan have been weak and not “credible”. Ryan does advance a peaceful solution to the Iranian threat of nuclear weapon; however, Ryan does not go into detail as to the methods which will be used by Mitt Romney to peacefully de-nuclearize Iran. Ryan simply proposes a stronger alliance with Isreal’s leader Benjamine Netanyahu, who has been an advocate for military pressure against Iran. President Netanyahu cannot be regarded as an advocate for a peaceful solution, especially after his speech in front of the UN General Assembly last month.

Unequivocally, both came out ready to fight, yet focus was lost as very little attention was paid to policy initiatives on both camps. Running against an incumbent, require Romney and Ryan to set out a clear and appealing alternatives to the policies used by the Obama Administration. Ryan was perhaps in a losing battle, having to defend convoluted economic and foreign policy plans. Of the vital issues; health care and the economy, both, Biden and Romney provided no substantial procedure in assuring improvements. While Biden paid more attention to cracking jokes and making snark comments, he missed many opportunities to shift swing voters in his direction. Biden had centre stage for most of the night, yet he failed to push forth improved methods to securing a 6% unemployment goal and failed to expand the debate on Obamacare. To gain a better understanding of both candidates the FDA has drawn up a critical analysis on both the parties, the links can be found below.

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