Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Canadian Mining Tax and Legal Haven: Dr. Alain Deneault Interview

Alain Deneault, lecturer at the Unversiry of Quebec and author on the Canadian mining tax and legal haven
In this podcast, Mr. Stephen Garvey, Foundation for Democratic Advancement Executive Director, interviews Dr. Alain Deneault, lecturer at the University of Quebec in Montreal and author on the Canadian Mining Industry. Alain talks about the Canadian mining tax and legal haven in way that will change most persons view of Canada. He elucidates this secret Canadian haven that centers on Canadian mining industry profit, globally, regardless of the human rights, environmental, and democratic consequences. Alain provides details in Africa and Latin America, and frames the Canadian mining industry in a global context. This podcast is part three in a series on the Canadian mining industry and related international trade issues. Previously, the FDA interviewed Canadian researcher Dr. Asad Ismi and Mr. Don Davies, Canadian federal opposition international trade critic. For non-mainstream, insightful, and provocative discussion from people working in the field of international politics, listen in or download the FDA podcasts.

This podcast and any other FDA podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the FDA. The FDA supports broad and diverse speech.

Dr. Alain Deneault Interview


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