Monday, January 7, 2013

Idle No More Emerges in the United States

Since the summer of 2012, some Texans have been blockading the construction of the southern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline. Despite Obama delaying a decision on the controversial pipeline, he has fast tracked the construction of the southern part of the pipeline. In the photo, Texans are attached to heavy machinery to prevent the pipeline construction. In some cases, Texas landowners and environmentalists have united against this pipeline and the tar sand (or dirty) oil that would be running through it.
In this podcast, Mr. Stephen Garvey, Foundation for Democratic Advancement Executive Director, interviews Mr. Michael Leonardi, American writer and activist who recently visited an Idle No More blockade in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Leonardi shares his recent experience in Sarnia, and discusses the global scope of the Idle No More movement. He says that the movement has united various global movements through a focus on First Nation and environmental issues. Also, Mr. Leonardi discusses the emergence of the Idle No More movement in the United States citing recent examples, and explaining how the movement has become a source of inspiration and unification for American resistance movements. Mr. Leonardi sheds light on Canadian, conservative Prime Minister Harper's connection to the Imperial Oil Corporation and his role as a front person for the global corporate energy cartel. Most importantly, Mr. Leonardi makes a strong case that the Idle No More movement is a global movement, and that the Canadian conservative government's attempt to derail the movement through the release of First Nations’ accounting reports is a distraction from the fundamental purpose and meaning of the movement. Mr. Leonardi talks with conciseness and honesty as he explains the global urgency of the Idle No More movement through examples and his personal experiences. For non-mainstream, insightful, and provocative discussion from people working in the field of international politics, listen in or download the FDA podcasts.

This podcast and any other FDA podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the FDA. The FDA supports broad and diverse speech, and strives to compensate for deficiencies in mainstream corporate media coverage.

Michael Leonardi Interview


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