Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Canadian Democracy and the Way Forward

The 2011 Canadian Election robocall fraud, in which the Conservative Party of Canada was evolved in an "elaborate effort to conceal the identity of those accessing the database and arranging for the [robo]calls to be made" (2013 FC 525, p. 88), and the recent Duffy Expense Scandal in which a member or members of the Conservative Party attempted to cover-up Duffy's wrong-doing begs the questions, what else is the Conservative Party of Canada and current Canadian federal government covering up, and are these ethical shortcomings isolated to the Conservatives or symptomatic of deeper issues in the Canadian political system? The FDA podcast on Canadian democracy below suggest that Canadian politics is failing.
FDA Podcast: Excerpt from FDA Webinar on Canadian Democracy and the Way Forward

Mr. Stephen Garvey, Executive Director of the Foundation for Democratic Advancement, hosts the May 30, 2013 FDA Webinar on Canadian Democracy and the Way Forward. The Webinar is based on the 2013 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on the Canadian Federal Electoral System, in which Canada received an unsatisfactory overall score of 64.49 percent. The podcast contains an excerpt from the FDA Webinar, in which a participant with longtime Canadian political experience shares her thoughts on the political conundrum facing Canada, and the way forward. The participant believes that the Canadian political establishment is de-politicizing Canadians and that the Canadian political process is archaic and has lost all purpose and meaning. She proposes that the only way forward for Canadian democracy is for Canadians to politicize not just at elections but between elections through activating and supporting grassroots politics and social organizations including independent political candidates who are deeply invested in their communities and who have the better societal solutions than the typical politician. According to the excerpt, the predicament of Canadian politics has become so dire, the big party politicians themselves have lost any meaningful say due to the global economy and its influences, and the tight grip of large, established parties on their elected members. This podcast may be a wake up call to Canadians to activate against an irrational and destructive political system. For non-mainstream, insightful, and provocative discussion from people working in the field of international politics, listen in or download the FDA podcasts.

The FDA next webinar "Media Freedom and Democracy" is on June 12, 2013.

FDA Webinar (June 12): Media Freedom and Democracy


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2013 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Canada


  1. Wonderful webinar from you guys. What kind of impact do you have or what say can you give to the Conservatives in office? Does your organization have the ability of meeting with or speaking to any of their members?

  2. Very good questions.

    We send out stakeholder advisories on all reports, and invite relevant stakeholders to FDA public forums, webinars etc.

    The Conservative Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, was invited to the recent FDA webinar on Canadian Democracy, and he was sent the stakeholder advisory on the 2013 Electoral Fairness Report on Canada, as were the relevant persons from all other Canadian federal parties.

    On twitter, Tony Clement and several other Conservative MPs follow the FDA, so they will be in the loop of the FDA's Reports, findings, measurements etc,.

    Next week in Ottawa, there is a Federal Party Committee meeting (in which all federal parties will be represented), and we are told that several small Canadian parties will be present some of the findings from the 2013 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Canada.

    Influence of Canadian law and processes can be done directly or indirectly as illustrated above. However, it is up to the current political power holders to reform Canadian law and processes and/or create new laws and processes.

    The FDA is limited to communicating its findings and measurements to stakeholders. The FDA is not a lobby organization.


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