Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Open Letter on Why the Conservative Party and Harper are Harming Canadians and World Stability

Photo of recent bombing in Iraq
The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) received this anonymous letter in response to the start of the current Canadian federal government's bombing adventure in Iraq and Syria. Due to the political climate in Canada, in which for examples the federal government has silenced Canadian scientists on climate change, labeled environmentalists terrorists, and is seeking reduction in Canadian freedoms, the FDA encourages freedom of expression of Canadians even if anonymous. Without criticism of the current federal government, which is suppose to represent the people, Canadians will be left with tyranny.

"1) The recent divisive vote to deploy warplanes, reconnaissance aircraft, support personnel, and special forces on a combat mission to Iraq – carried only by the Conservative government’s slim majority in the Parliament – was a bad decision for Canadians. It will make things worse, not better, for the people of the Middle East, and it will pull Canada deeper into another long quagmire of a war, just six months after the failed 12 year mission in Afghanistan. Moreover, this instance of mission creep is being conducted without United Nations Security Council approval, and it is therefore illegal under international law.

2) According to NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, Paul Dewar, who was part of the recent Canadian mission to Iraq, the Iraqi government asked that Canada send humanitarian, rather than military assistance. The Iraqi government also did not request that Canada become involved in Syria. Rather, it appears that it was completely at the initiative of the Harper Conservative government that Canadian troops have joined the latest U.S.-led "coalition of the willing" in Iraq. Also, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, who, in 2003, wisely bowed to the wishes of hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets – organized by the Canadian Peace Alliance and Collectif Échec à la Guerre – and refused to send Canadian troops to join Bush and Blair’s previous “coalition of the willing”, has recently spoken out against the present combat mission and urged a massive humanitarian mission instead.

3) The U.S. government and its allies have no right under international law to bomb targets inside Syria, without the approval and cooperation of the legitimate government of Syria.

It seems that the true purpose of the U.S. campaign against ISIL is not to destroy terrorism. In fact, since at least 2011, the US government and other countries involved with the “Friends of Syria” Group (FSG), including the current Canadian federal government, financed, armed, and organized a deadly covert war of aggression using jihadi mercenaries against Syria. ISIL grew out of this explicitly terrorist operation against the people of Syria, which so far resulted in about 200,000 deaths, millions of refugees, and the laying waste to much of Syria. In other words, the USA, Canada, and their FSG partners created this terrorist ISIL Frankenstein. In my opinion, the ISIL crisis is being used by the USA and some countries neighboring Syria as a pretext for bombing for regime change in Syria and perhaps, eventually, other countries such as Lebanon and Iran. The Turkish government’s recent call for a “no fly zone” over Syria is a case in point and reminiscent of NATO’s abuse of UN Resolution 1973 for the illegal overthrow of the government of Libya.

4) The U.S. government has "dirty hands." Its 2003 attack on Iraq was also without UN approval and left that country in ruins, with at least half a million dead, millions of refugees, and effectively split into three parts. The US government should not be entrusted to play any role in Iraq. In fact, the result of the U.S. and NATO-led "humanitarian" interventions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Haiti, and Syria has uniformly been to make things much worse for civilians and to destroy the territorial integrity of those countries."


What can Canadians do to stop the current federal government's military aggression in the Middle East?

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